How To Fix A Leaking Shower Head 

There’s nothing more annoying than stepping into a relaxing shower only to be greeted by a persistent drip, drip, drip from your shower head. Not only is it frustrating, but that constant leak can waste gallons of water and money down the drain.

But before you call in a plumber, you can fix that leaky shower head yourself with a bit of DIY know-how! This guide will walk you through the process, helping you identify the source of the leak and get your shower back to a refreshing spray. Also, we will discuss the role of reliable shower repair services of Pippo Plumbers Ltd.

Identifying a Leaking Shower Head

Listen closely! The sound of the leak can often pinpoint the culprit.

  • Dripping from the Shower Head: This is the most common scenario. The leak might originate from a worn-out washer or a clogged shower head.
  • Leaking at the Connection Point: If water appears to be coming from the shower head connection, the hose gasket or the connection may be leaking.

Materials Required 

Here’s what you’ll need to tackle that leaky showerhead:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Head screwdriver 
  • Replacement shower head gasket (washer) 
  • Pliers 
  • White vinegar 
  • Cloth or towel


Step-by-Step Guide to Repair Shower Head

Turn off the water supply: 

The shut-off valve of your shower is usually hidden behind the access panel. This is the panel that has joints for the control switches for the shower. Hold the knob while turning it clockwise to a position where it sticks totally in order to cut the water move.

Unscrew the shower head: 

By resorting to your adjustable wrench and turning it counterclockwise, delicately loosen the shower head gently. Furthermore, when reattaching it, be sure the screws are not over-tightened.

Inspect the shower head gasket:

The washer (gasket) is a small rubber band located between the shower head and the hose junction. Check for wear and tear, cracks, or anything that may indicate that the water is contaminated, such as mineral buildup.

Clean the shower head: 

If the washer functions well, then the issue may be minerals building up. Produce a mock bag using white vinegar and band it with a rubber band to lock it in place of the shower head. Drop a deposit in for the next 30 minutes to shake out any mineral deposits.

Replace the washer (if needed): 

If leakage occurs through a worn or damaged washer, it is time to replace it. Such washers are generally available and affordable in DIY stores or elsewhere. To make this one faster, just pop the new washer in where the old one used to be.

Reattach the shower head: 

Using your hand, clamp the shower head and spin it clockwise. After ensuring it fits perfectly, tighten it with a wrench; However, avoid aggressiveness so as not to spoil it.

Turn on the water supply: First, twist the shut-off valve clockwise to turn it off, then turn it counterclockwise to return water flow.

Check for leaks:

  1. Switch on the water heater and touch the showerhead and the pipe connecting the shower to the water main.
  2. Check for any leaks coming from the showerhead or along the connection point (showerhead to pipe).
  3. If you observe any leaks, check the connection by tightening it slightly further or repeating the steps once more to ensure it is not a leaking seal.

Why Choose Pippo Plumbers Ltd?

Although you could take care of a broken shower with a DIY tool often, you might need a shower repair plumber when the previously mentioned is no longer applicable. Here’s why Pippo Plumbers should be your go-to for any shower repair needs: 

Highly Qualified Plumbers: 

The fully qualified and experienced shower repair plumber we employ can accurately identify any problem and offer a long-term revamp.

Prompt and Reliable Service: 

However, we know that water damage and unexpected plumbing problems do not appoint convenient times to happen either. That is the reason why we have checked all the boxes for this service. We offer our service without any delay, even emergency services, 24/7.

Modern Solutions: 

Our plumber to fix a leaking shower use the latest tools and technologies, which ensures your job is profitable and accurate.

Shower Repair Services by Pippo Plumbers:

Pippo Plumbers Ltd is here to provide a complete shower repair with one aim: ensuring that the shower is working just as brand new. Our shower repair plumber can address:

  • Leakage of shower heads and broken taps or faucets.
  • Clogged shower drains
  • Low water pressure
  • Faulty shower valves


You cannot prevent a leaking shower head from interrupting your shower. You also need a plumber to fix a leaking shower, or by calling Pippo Plumbers Ltd, you will have that refreshing spray back without wasting a lot of your time!

Plumber fix the Leaking Shower Head