Plumbing Emergencies: Tips for Quick Solutions

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From burst pipes to overflowing toilets, it’s crucial to take prompt action to minimize damage and restore functionality. In this three-part article, we’ll explore common plumbing emergencies homeowners face and offer practical tips to effectively deal with them. Being prepared and knowledgeable about handling emergencies helps prevent complications and protect your home. Moving on to the first part, let’s dive into leaky taps and the steps on how to fix dripping taps. Moreover, if you’re in need of an exceptional emergency plumbing contractor, look no further! Our trusted team provides reliable and efficient services for urgent plumbing needs. With quick response times, we specialize in handling emergencies like burst pipes, clogged toilets and water leaks. As your dedicated plumbing contractor, we guarantee quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Leaky Taps

Faulty leaky taps can occur in kitchen and bathroom taps, shower heads, outside taps, and even from the base. Swiftly cutting off the water supply prevents plumbing leaks. As a local emergency plumbing service provider, we understand the unique challenges in your area. With our team’s expertise in local plumbing systems and regulations, we deliver tailored solutions for long-lasting results.

Steps on How to Fix Leaking Taps

When faced with a plumbing emergency, having a plumber nearby can make all the difference. Fortunately, our emergency plumber services are strategically located near you, ensuring rapid response times. Our quick dispatch system ensures prompt arrival, minimizing potential damage and inconvenience caused by plumbing issues.

  • Cut off the water supply from the mainline
    To disconnect the main water line, there are specific steps to follow. The first step involves locking the separation valve or stopcock, which is commonly located before the outlet of the taps. By executing this crucial step, you can effectively isolate and disconnect the main water supply.
  • Unscrew the tap head
    For an easy tap removal step, you need to unscrew the leaky tap head using either your hand or a tap screwdriver. By following this simple procedure, you can quickly detach the tap head and proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements.
  • Separate the tap body components
    To disassemble and access the inside of the tap body, utilize the adjustable tap spanner. This tool will aid in separating the tap body by loosening the screw that keeps the dripping tap compatible. Using the adjustable tap spanner, remove the tap valve cover, nuts, and washers, allowing for easy access to the interior components of the tap body.
  • Observe the inside of the tap body
    During tap body inspection, identify limescale buildup or waste with a white, chalky residue. Clean the tap seat or perform maintenance to stop leaks without replacing any part. Our 24/7 emergency plumber services provide reliable assistance, day or night, ensuring prompt solutions for unexpected plumbing emergencies.
  • Observe the tap washer
    However, if there is no damage to the inside of the tap body, it’s important to inspect the washer and any O-ring for any signs of damage. In case of damage, it is necessary to replace the damaged washer and O-ring with new ones. To accomplish this, use your tap screwdriver to unscrew or slide the washer, and ensure to clean the tap stem thoroughly to remove any residue before inserting the new washer. Over time, O-rings in taps tend to become loose and worn out, resulting in leaky taps.
  • How to replace faucet O-ring
    To repair dripping faucets caused by an O-ring issue, slide or loosen the O-ring to remove it. Next, fix the leaky faucet by replacing the O-ring with a new one, stopping the dripping. By following these steps, you can successfully address the O-ring issue and restore the faucet’s proper functioning.
  • Reassemble the tap
    When it comes to reassembling the tap, it’s important to follow proper steps after cleaning or replacing any damaged parts. To reassemble smoothly, place the parts back in the same order as you removed them. By carefully following the reverse order of disassembly, you can successfully reassemble the tap and ensure its proper functioning.

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