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Repair Your Leaking Showers With Just One Click

Showers bother the most when they start leaking and thus ruining the whole day. But no worries, if you have a leaking or clogged shower, Pippo Plumbers is here to help. 

Pippo Plumbers has the expertise to fix and replace the problematic shower if needed.

  • Our plumbers use modern techniques to repair. 
  • We have licensed plumbers to resolve your issue.
  • We are always available at your service.

Services provided by Pippo Plumbers:-

  1. Shower repair service.
  2. Replacement Electric shower.
  3. Installation of new showers.
  4. Fixing clogs in the showers.
  5. Temperature control issues in your showers.

Shower Repair Services:-  

What bothers anyone more than a leaking shower? 

The shower usually gets blocked due to hard water, dirt, and residue, leading to leakages. Some of the common reasons are:

Broken seals or worn-out components – 

This can be a significant cause of leaking showers, as rubber seal lose their properties with time. Pippo Plumbers assess the issue and replace the worn-out parts.

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Shower heads Leakage

The shower head, which is attached to the water pipe, starts leaking. Our shower repair plumber can fix this and ensure everything is connected correctly.

Leaking showers can lead to multiple damages. Some common issues are water wastage and unwanted stains, thus causing structural damage to the property. By ignoring the issue, you can make the problem worse. So, schedule our shower repair service today. 

Our shower repair plumber responds promptly and fix your leaks. Now, you can enjoy a leak-free shower again.

Replace Electric shower:-

When you want to replace your old electric shower, our replacement electric shower plumbers will help you. They are highly trained and qualified to handle the removal of old units and ensure your tiles or walls are not destroyed.

Tap Repairs Service
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Install new showers:-

At Pippo Plumbers, we also provide new shower installation services. We make installations of showers a hassle-free process for our clients. The process of installation of showers involves specific steps:-

  1. We begin our service by consulting the client and understanding their needs, budget and preferences.
  2. Based on clients’ requirements we suggest them showers. 
  3. Our expert plumbers then install the new shower. The engineers check the water flow, seal all joints properly and secure all the connections.
  4. Lastly, we test the shower for desired water pressure and temperature settings (if it is a temperature control shower).
  5. Before leaving, we ensure your bathroom is neat and tidy.

Issues in temperature control settings:-

Our plumber to fix the leaking shower understands the importance of maintaining proper water temperature so you can enjoy a pleasant bathing experience. Our temperature control settings repair service is designed to fix issues in the temperature settings of your shower. The process of temperature control settings repair involves specific steps.

  1. We diagnose the root cause of the problem
  2. Based on our diagnosis, we formulate a repair plan. The process includes repairing or installing new components to your shower.
  3. We test the settings after repair to ensure the smooth working of your shower.
  4. We secure the connections, making sure that safety is prioritized.

You can book our services in 4 simple steps.

First, make an appointment by calling us.

Our available plumber in your area will visit you.

They access the issue and provide an estimate. 

We fix the issue. 

Why should you choose Pippo Plumbers?

Highly qualified plumbers 

Our plumber to fix leaking shower provides you with high-quality work. They have years of experience, qualified and certified to resolve the issues. Customers have trust in our expertise when it comes to plumbing solutions.

Prompt and reliable service

Problems related to plumbing can arise at any time, regardless of the hour. Therefore, we ensure prompt and reliable service whenever you need it, including emergency services.

Modern solutions to your problems-

We don’t believe in traditional working methods, so our plumbers upgrade themselves according to new technologies and tools.


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Fair Pricing-

We believe in transparency. Customers can discuss prices after the assessment. We provide an accurate estimate without hidden charges. The prices of our services are competitive and genuine. 

Customer satisfaction-

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We have various positive feedback with 5-star ratings from our satisfied customers, and it is our most significant achievement. Customers rely on our professional services.

Pippo Plumbers follows a customer-centric approach, which makes us stand out from our competitors. Our commitment to offering the best plumbing solutions makes us the top choice of customers.


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To help minimise water damage to your property, it is advised to turn off your mains water supply immediately at the stopcock, which is usually located under the kitchen sink. Then get in touch with us at 07761871017, so we can locate the source and fix the issue.

Our starting price is £95/hr for scheduled visits and a minimum of £150 – £180 for emergencies.

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Give Us A Call Anytime, 365 Days A Year!

We are really very happy to announce that we have some great services to offer in your area all around the year! As our mission is to provide best services in town that’s why we are some awesome Plumbering guys.

Give Us A Call Anytime, 365 Days A Year!

We are really very happy to announce that we have some great services to offer in your area all around the year! As our mission is to provide best services in town that’s why we are some awesome Plumbering guys.
Services Emergency Repair